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The more the information society penetrates our everyday lives the more information is being produced and stored. All this data is often stored and used for one single purpose. And sometimes there is no purpose at all, besides the storing.

Euman's mission is to develop and operate a competitive technology platform, a portfolio of Wireless Information Services and a content brokerage business model to realise pervasive computing based on a philosophy of relevance of information and economies of scale, and to enable a profitable business for Euman's customers and valuable services for end users.

As the figure illustrates, information can come from different
sources and also have different purposes and effects as
long as it is given on the right time.

A key to Euman's content brokerage is to activate, re-use and develop already existing information. Euman wants to use this information in new ways in order to create greater value for existing and new users who will be able to benefit from the right information at the right time. The objective is to realise the value of the information in a large amount of services in order to make optimal use of it. This is what we call content economies of scale. This will ensure the demanding user maximum value of the information received, the service provider increased ARPU (Average Revenues Per User) and the content owners maximum revenues from their information assets.

Euman's mission is to timely deliver the right information to the right person at the exact time he or she needs the information at a competitive price.
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