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Pervasive computing means computing in everything. Initially, the Internet was aimed at the computer, and is now spreading out to involve all kinds of electronic devices e.g. mobile phones, cars, televisions, etc.

Euman contributes significantly to the development in pervasive computing with our technological platform and our product portfolio of Wireless Information Services adding quality to the concept. Pervasive computing will have an impact on private individuals as well as businesses because technology will make so many things easier and more convenient. As a result of the development, people will have more time at their disposal, which is valuable both in everyday life and at the job. In other words, Euman's easy-to-use Everyday Services make your life easy and convenient and enables you to act efficiently anytime, anywhere.

Services without information integration
Services with information integration

Implementation of the vision of pervasive computing requires relevant services and enabling technologies. Euman provides key technologies, the first relevant services and a plan to achieve true pervasive computing.

The realization of the vision of pervasive computing places Euman in an important key position. Euman has developed a unique and scalable technological platform enabling the complex operation of collecting, integrating and distributing information. Euman thus has the role of information integrator both when it comes to information originating from the content provider and information resulting from the communication between different electronic devices.

The pivotal point of pervasive computing is integration of information from many different sources and communicating it to the users where and when they demand it independent of time, place and client. The integration of information creates a synergy between the different types of information, which increases the total value of the information.

Euman takes a central position in the value chain as a content integrator in connection with Wireless Information Services. In principle, the content providers and service providers can cooperate directly  but procedures would be complicated in that the individual content provider would have to have agreements with many different service providers in order to be able to distribute their services and vice versa. Furthermore, the synergy created by integrating information would be lost and it would be impossible to create a quality-based professional foundation for pervasive computing.
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