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Euman is an IT company specialising in Wireless Information Services in the area of pervasive computing. Euman works with and in the virtual world. Our vision is to integrate the virtual world into the real physical world in order to enable the user of Euman's Wireless Information Services fullfil all needs for information independent of time and place.

Primarily, Euman's development department is working with technical and concept development for Wireless Information Services. Furthermore, Euman has specialised in the development of innovative IT solutions for large public and private businesses. This means that there are also external development projects in the company.

Euman embodies a young and energetic team, which professionally is among the best. At the moment, there is an equal representation of male and female employees with technical and humanistic university backgrounds. This means that you will be joining a team of skilled employees in a challenging environment where collaboration and multidisciplinary work is a natural part of the working day.

System Architects primary tasks:
- System development, design and implementation of technical concepts for Euman's wireless information services
- Project management of development projects, internally and externally
- Set-up of operational organisation
- External implementation of interfaces for Euman's applications

System Architects qualifications:
- You are an engineer, a data processor or a computer scientist
- You are a competent analyst and you have the ability to independently move from a concept to a practical solution
- You have experience with system development and IT projects
- You have experience with several of the following programming languages: XML, Java, C++, XSL, WML, SVG, HTML, CSS, PL/SQL
- You may have experience within mobile communications
- You are committed, full of initiatives and good at cooperating
- Your English is good, both written and spoken

When applying by mail please enclose a copy of relevant exam papers and a satisfactory curriculum vitae.

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Phone: +45 3322 8856
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