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Euman contributes significantly to the development in pervasive computing with our technological platform and our product portfolio of Wireless Information Services adding quality to the concept.

Pervasive computing will have an impact on private individuals as well as businesses because technology will make so many things easier and more convenient. As a result of the development, people will have more time at their disposal, which is valuable both in every day life and at the job. In other words, Euman's easy-to-use Everyday Services make your life easy and convenient and enables you to act efficiently anytime, anywhere.

Euman's objective is to develop an integrated package of wireless services for everyday life, i.e. services that can be used every day and will make life easier and more convenient. That is why Euman's current and future product portfolios focus on the different spheres within modern human life.

Euman's Wireless Information Services are based on a time and location aware content brokerage system named GOF (General Object Functionality). The Wireless Information Services contained in the initial service portfolio are primarily aimed at the traffic and transport fields. The services are generic in order to enable the service providers to customize and integrate them into their own service portfolio.

Euman is also committed to cooperation in connection with third party services. This means that other software houses will be able to develop services based on Euman's technological platform and/or content database.
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